In 1987, a couple of college students in Cleveland, Ohio, inspired by punk bands who couldn't even play their instruments, formed a band with an undertaking to counter this trend and play punk music of first-rate quality: well written songs, well played -- plain and simple. To do so, they reached back in recent history to styles of music that everyone loves: Doo-wop, Surf, Girl Groups, Brill Building/Tin Pan Alley -- all of this, American music. The band's first song "Strawberry Girl" was written, and the Beatnik Termites were formed; a trio, making a new American music.



Zatopeks formed in Birmingham, UK in 2001 and over the last 16 years have gained a reputation for their well-crafted songs and a crazy live show to match. Their own distinctive blend of 70s punk, rock n' roll, pop-punk, folk… (the list could go on) gives them a truly original sound. The songs are also defined by the powerful, poetic and insightful lyrics of singer Will DeNiro, which cover subjects such ranging from philosophy, love, death, politics and public transport (sometimes all in the same song).

The band's first album, 'Ain't Nobody Left bus Us' (Stardumb, 2005), has become a genre classic of the European pop-punk scene and was promoted with sleepless tours through the clubs, squats and dive bars of the continent, collecting hangovers, bruises and many new friends along the way. 'Damn Fool Music' (Household Name/Whoa Oh, 2007) gained great reviews and showed Zatopeks pushing their more hidden influences - including jazz and folk music - to the fore, as well as finally touring the USA in their own successful, small-scale 'British invasion'.

2014 saw the release of 'About Bloody Time' (Monster Zero/It's Alive/East Beat), the Zatopeks' most powerful and thoughtful record to date, which combined catchy punk rock with diverse literary influences, from Persian poetry to Russian futurism, and was the band's first album to be released in the former Soviet Union (via East Beat).
Now based in Berlin, London and Bristol, the band is working on a new studio album. But first of all for the New Year, it's time to hit the road again!



Hailing from Cologne, Germany, The SEWER RATS have made a name for themselves as one of Europe’s finest punk acts, playing more than 400 shows worldwide, touring Europe, China, Japan & the U.S.A. Walking the line between Stray Cats-cool, early 90s Social D. and old Rancid, the band sounds like Mr. Ness and Mr. Setzer were hanging out with Hank Williams, teaching him new skateboard tricks while drinkin’ beers on a hot summer night. Their new album „Heartbreaks & Milkshakes“ takes the band to the next level and sounds like a sugar-high vision of 90s oldschool pop-punk with witty tongue-in-cheek humor and a greasy yet stylish 50s vibe. Delivering 12 catchy and well-crafted pop punk sing-a-longs about heartbreak, black-metal chicks and moving back in with your parents (again), The SEWER RATS are ready to hit the road worldwide in order to promote their new release (Rookie Records/ Europe) (Rude Runner/ Japan).



The Prozacs are a veteran USA punk rock band, hailing from Massachusetts, and formed in 2001 by frontman J Prozac. The band brings heavy influence from the Ramones inspired punk rock of 90's era Lookout and Mutant Pop Records, with the attitude of bands like Screeching Weasel, Mr T Experience, The Queers, Decendents, and the melody and fun of 1950's/1960's pop and vocal groups.
The band has released 4 full length albums, 2 collection albums and several EP's, splits and a Live album, with various indy labels. The band has played hundreds of shows, with many years of sporadic touring and playing across the USA. The band has toured with the likes of The Vents, Darlington, Johnie 3, The Apers, Murder Majesty, and have shared the stage with countless bands from around the world. The band has rocked the stage at CBGB, Continental NYC and has made multiple appearances on festivals like Warped Tour and Insubordination Fest.

The Prozacs are currently in the studio with thier 5th full length album, which they began recording in February of 2018.



The Chromosomes started to play in ’93, as a power trio, playin Ramones’ songs.
Formed in Livorno, Italy, they started to write some songs after playin a couple of shows and recorded their first demo tape in august of ’93. They became a quartet in 94 and recorded their first singles, gone around Italy for some shows and joined several underground compilations.
During the 90s they played lot of shows around Italy and Europe but their first cd came out only in early 2000 (More time to relax).
Their sound never changed too much and it’s still tied up to Ramones fast arrangements mixed with Beach Boys melodies.
They put out an album in Italian language too (Chromoterapia) but almost the whole set of songs is sung in English. In 2009 they turned back in a trio and a japanese label, Waterslide records, put out a collection of all the 90s singles, and 4 years later their 4cd (Yes Trespassing).
In the summer of 2017 they took part in the PunkRockRaduno, the famous Italian/international punk rock fest.
Now they’re promoting their 5th cd (Losing Eleven) out in october 2017.



THE HAERMORRHOIDS are band. They're from Hamburg and they play punk rock. They've formed some years ago and played at cool places with other bands. Their songs are fast and melodic and they kick ass. Don't believe us? Only one way to find out. Go watch THE HAERMORRHOIDS when they're in your area. You might like 'em. One guy's name is Greg.



The Hawaiians are a german poppunk band from Westerkappeln. The band was formed in 2001 by Paul Hawaiian (vocals, drums), Beppo Hawaiian (vocals, e-guitar), and Juke Hawaiian (bass, vocals). Their music was often discribed as minimalistic poppunk in the style of the Ramones, but right from the start there were also influences of 50's rock n' roll and 60's surf. Their lyrics are often about Hawaii-cliches ("Back to Hawaii"; "Do the Waikiki"; "Hawaiian Fun"), the surf-culture ("Cherry's on a wave"; "Waikiki Playbat Club"; "Surfer's Rodeo"), but also about space adventures ("Hula on Mars"; "Bats from Outer Space"; "Judy's on the stars"). Kamikaze Records released two longplayers in 2002 ("Teenagers love" CD/LP) and 2007 ("Hula on Mars" CD). After a break of 12 years the song "Hubble Bubble" was used for the 175th episode of the TV-series "Hawaii Five-0" in October 2017. To celebrate this highlight, the bandmembers decided to play some concerts and record new songs aswell. The first two reunion shows were played with noone else but ex-Ramones Drummer Richie Ramone. In January 2019 the Hawaiians will play the world famous Puke Fest in Münster.



The Livermores are a Ramones Trio and come from Italy. Playing loud and fast is the only thing that matters. Let's do it. Last work : "Party time for Astronauts" split 7" with the Proton Packs released for Mom Basement Records, Monster Zero Records, I Buy Records, Commando Records